Never mind 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks', here's the Exploding Buddhas' Pop-tastic Quiz


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1. At which N. Yorkshire venue did the Buddhas play their first gig in 1993?

    Bedale Hall

    Crakehall Village Hall

    The Wheatsheaf

2. The band's only TV appearance to date was on Czech breakfast television during their 1995 tour, but which two band members were missing?

    Sal & Jools

    Mick & Jools

    Sal & Mick

3. Apart from London and Prague, which other European Capital have the Buddhas played?




4. Apart from non-driving Tom, who is the only band member who has never owned a Mini?





5. Which Prague venue did the Buddhas play on both of their Czech tours?

    The Borat

    Divadlo Pod Lampou

    The Rock Cafe

6. Which domestic item has supported Mark throughout his 'Budd-ing' career?

    Ironing Board

    Corby Trouser Press

    Remmington 'fuzz-away'

7. How did Mick inadvertently cause amusement in the dressing room before his memorable portrayal of 'Shaggy' in 2002?

    He comically slipped on a discarded banana skin

    The 'Shaggy' wig looked exactly the same as his own hair

    The 'Shaggy' T-shirt was exactly the same as the one he had on

8. Which fancy dress character did Dickie pointlessly shave his head to play in 1998?

    Uncle Fester


    Harry Hill

9. When unable to extract himself from Dickie's car after a particularly heavy night at the Wheatsheaf, Dickie and Tom goaded Mark, asking "Are you a Buddha or a woman?" But what was Mark's laboured reply?

    A Buddha, of course; why do you ask?

    I'm not very sure, I've drunk a little too much this evening

    A wooooooomaaaaaan! (pathetically)

10. Whilst taking a break in the Czech countryide between gigs in 1994, the band were ernestly warned about walking bare-legged in long grass for fear of life-threatening ticks. What was Mick's response?

    He carefully avoided the long grass and stayed near the pub

    He made sure he was wearing stout, long trousers, despite the intense heat

    He wandered off towards the long grass in his shorts and came back after half an hour with a tick burrowing furiously into his inner thigh

11. In 1995, the Buddhas played a Bank Holiday gig on the flat roof of a pub in Stockport. The band sound-checked with Babylon's Burning but what happened next?

    The fire station next door received a call and drowned the band out with their sirens

    Dickie's speaker burst into flames and had to be extinguished with beer

    The pub was evacuated due to a fire in the kitchens

12. Which Manchester band did the Buddhas support at 20 minutes' notice in January 1994?

    The Harbingers of Doom

    The Knights of Shite

    The Monarchs of the Glen

13. On triumphantly driving into the outskirts of Prague in 1994, the Buddha Bus was promptly stopped and fined for being foreign (or something). But what did Mark insist on doing before driving off?

    Combing his hair

    Entering the fine in the 'Ship's Log'

    Furiously flipping through his English-Czech dictionary to find the word for 'sorry'

14. When approaching a Czech junction in the 'Buddha Bus', Marked shouted 'Flanker!' at a bleary-eyed Dickie who was dozing in the passenger seat. What Dickie do next?

    Woke with a start and spilled his crisps before looking out for oncoming traffic

    Shouted 'Flanker yourself!' before asking Mark to 'step outside' for a fight

    Wound down the window, shouted 'No traffic' and wound the window back up, trapping his head in the process